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URL Encode Decode Tool Script For Blogger And WordPress:

We are providing the below URL Encode Decode tool script for BlogSpot and WordPress which can be used to Encode and Decode your URLs, URL Encode Decode is very useful while you are linking other websites in your posts, We have seen a lot of bloggers making this mistake of not encoding their URLs while linking other websites in their posts, URL Encode Decode tool will allow you to Encode or Decode your URLs.

URL Encode Decode tool is a very simple and easy to use URL Encode and Decode Script, URL Encode Decode is extremely helpful for webmasters and bloggers who often Encode or Decode URLs in their blogs and websites, URL Encode Decode tool supports all the major characters that are used in URL encoding and decoding, URL Encode Decode is a simple script to Encode and Decode URL’s in an easy way, URL Encode Decode uses the simple URL encoding function in javascript, URL Encode Decode is useful if you are using a WordPress theme for blogger which has its own javascript file, You can also use URL Encode Decode script for your custom style sheet.

Blogspot and WordPress URL Encode and Decode tool script, URL Encode Decode script is working perfectly on both Blogger and WordPress platforms, URL Encode Decode is a powerful script that will help you to Encode and Decode your links, It is essential for those who use language scripts other than English and who use URL shorteners.

What is URL Encoding?
URL encoding is a mechanism for encoding special characters using a format that conforms to the syntax of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), as specified in RFC 3986. The most common use of URL encoding is to encode special characters in a string so that the string can be used as part of a URL. For example, if a string is going to be used in the query portion of a URL, such as "?foo=bar", then any reserved characters (such as "?", ":",

URL encoding is a percent-encoding technique used to encode a string of characters in a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). URL encoding is used to convert special characters into a format that can be read by a computer. A URL is a character string that specifies the location of a resource available on the Internet.

What is URL Decoding?
URL Decoding is the process of transforming an encoded URL into its original form. There are two types of encoding schemes: one-way encoding and two-way encoding. We will focus on one-way encoding, URL decode is a string method in Python. It is used to decode a string of characters that have been encoded using the URL lib. quote method. This encoding is used to encode special characters so they can be placed in a URL without being misinterpreted by a web browser, URL Decoding is used to convert the encoded URL characters to their corresponding ASCII characters.

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